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phone intake evaluations

We offer quality assurance programs for all behavioral health treatment settings and levels of care.

Customize your insights based on location specific demographics and service offerings.
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Hospital Inpatient & 
Residential Centers
Addiction & 
Recovery Centers

Outpatient & 
Partial Hospitalization 

And more!

Discover your 
"Hidden Opportunities" and 
Measure what Matters

Frontline-Focus helps you uncover the hidden opportunities within your intake department. We'll help you better understand how your intake staff is handling the most critical components of your phone intake evaluations.

How well is your intake staff screening for safety to ensure your most vulnerable patients are prioritized?
Presenting problem & precipitating crisis

How well is your staff is probing for the most important information to ultimately offer a clear direction to care?

brand reputation & referral sources

How well are you tracking who drives your business, referral response times,and you're overall brand reputation?

Customize Your Insights
Ability to audit and assess the performance of both consumer and referral based calls based on your specific trends.
 Turn the collected and analyzed data into assigned operational actions using our Action Management Package.
Receive qualitative and quantitative data with our Aggregate Service Excellence Report showing all data in one view.
Choose from standard and customized surveys based on 
each location's population served & call types.
Get access to your client dashboard that provides you with
custom rollups of multiple KPIs across your organization.
Create, view, and download powerful presentations using 
our customized reports portal.

What Our Customers Have to Say

"I have worked with Frontline-Focus for five different organizations.  

This information has been vital to conducting honest and thorough employee evaluations, it has also helped us identify areas of concern with our intake department, so that we can make corrections.

If you need to understand what is happening behind the scenes and you want to truly understand your customer experience in your intake department,  Frontline Focus comes highly recommended!"

shelley plemons
COO, Clearfork Academy